COVID-19 Message

December 2020

Dear Friend of KSR Pet Care, 

We are open for the Holidays! We still offer No-contact dog walking services as well as limited contact pet sitting, overnights and house checks/ plant care. We can also help with errand services, walk excursions of 1 hour, pet taxi and concierge services. 

NO-CONTACT service for dog walking means we pick up your dog outside (tethered, crated, backyard) , from the garage or at the front door. We wear face masks and hand sanitizers. We also carry our own leash (provider by KSR poet Care to all staff) or wipe your leash clean after use. Report cards after every visit are now exclusively left via our online app. We do not touch the water bowl, treats or other surfaces inside your house unless the bowl is empty or it is needed. We also leave the mail, paper and trash cans as they are and this to limit touching too many surfaces. You can exchange no-contact and hygiene instructions directly with your dog walker about when, how, and where we walk your dog. We have a profile field reserved for these instructions.

We are following the guidelines of the Centers of Disease Control closely. When a client is home, we keep a safe 6ft distance and wear a mask.

CONTINUATION OF BUSINESS: It has been a very rough year for our employees since April 2020 having less work. Our revenue dropped 45% in comparison with last year. Now that the forgivable loan money is gone, we need more jobs for our employees badly. We are a strong and high-quality team but without decent wages, our employees will be forced to find employment elsewhere after all. 

To help us

  1. Consider tipping your dog walker after each service.
  2. Consider returning to daily dog walking.
  3. Consider booking a mini vacation. 
  4. Book us for errand services - for both yourself and your pet if needed

How can you support our company? Which services can you sign up for?

You can purchase gift vouchers, pre-pay for service, get no-contact dog walks, and longer walk excursions. We also can help you with grocery shopping and other errand services. We use Venmo and Zelle to pay our employees for the receipts same day. Last, we need your online reviews now more than ever!

Errand Services

To start errand service with us, you need to become a client first. If you are an existing client, access your client portal/account and send us a message with your grocery or errand list. Once we have an employee assigned to your shopping request, we will let you know when shopping takes place and our employee will call or text you directly when he/she is on the way to your home to drop off groceries on your front porch or by your garage. The service is NO-CONTACT and we will not drop off inside your home. If you leave a cooler outside, we can put any perishables inside the cooler.

Before arriving our employee will let you know of the total receipt. Most of our employees like to be reimbursed right away for the errand receipt: therefore please leave a check with the employee's name on it, or cash, before he/she drops off. We can also use Venmo or Zelle to pay our employees for the receipts same day. Or, if the employee is okay with reimbursement at a later time, we can bill you for the service and receipt via your online account. Please make sure your payment method is up-to-date.

Walk Excursions

Our new and temporary service, Walk Excursions, can be booked at $37/hr. A walk excursion is great for young and/or ‘active’ dogs who are cooped up too long indoors while you are working. A walk excursion involves walking but also just hanging out outdoors, sniffing, tracking, playing ball, and if a dog walker wants to go to a particular trail they can also taxi the dog to this trail. It is a NO-CONTACT service: you bring your dog outside after wiping the leash clean. Or tether your dog outside shortly before your dog walker arrives, or has arrived. The dog walker carries hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes to take care of hand hygiene and the leash when returning the dog home.

For more questions about our new services or ways to help, please email us at or call our office at (703) 945-5045. Our office phone lines are open Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM-5:30PM.

I have them 5 days a week and I never worry about my girl’s care! Highly recommend this service.— Barbara W.
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