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KSR Pet Care consists of a team of mature employees and office staff who were all thoroughly screened before joining. We are selected for our maturity, flexibility, affinity and experience with pets, and joy in helping others. Pet clients become part of the family and at the same time KSR Pet Care delivers highly and professionally by thinking outside the box and using experience and common sense in pet and house care. We strive for open and honest communication with our clients before, during and after service. We possess the passion and commitment to offer you the best in pet care. For us, transparency, integrity, security, and safety are key in delivering excellence in pet care services. We assign one primary walker/sitter to bond with your pet. A manager and/or back-up sitter are also assigned. 

Our philosophy is and has always been that our clients pay us for our time. This also means that our visit time is not the same as the duration of our dog walks. When you compare us with other pet care businesses remember that KSR Pet Care does not charge extra for administering medication or for additional pets (the only exception is for boarding). We try to stay clear of additional or hidden costs as much as possible. We continue to adhere to our policy that we charge for our time.

Our Office Staff

General Manager: Christy Kline
Office Manager: Julie Lessner
Owner/Principal: Karen Rosenberg

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Building Caring & Professional Relationships

The relationship with KSR's clients (humans and pets) is both caring and professional. We consider well-being, safety, and security as top priority when it comes to your pets. Our visits are set up to allow a stress-free environment, so your pets are happy and have fun while being well-taken care of at the same time. We therefore spend time with you before starting service so you can get to know us, and we get to know you. We get detailed care and house notes which are stored in your profile. A manager is present at a new client consultation to ask questions and take notes while our sitters are there to engage with the pets and get fully prepared for the first pet visit. If a manager is unable to attend, there is a follow up phone meeting to review and complete the client notes. 

Trained & Certified Team

We are CPR and Pet First Aid Certified and some of us are skilled in administering subcutaneous fluids. Our employees keep you updated after each service visit with a report card. This report is emailed to you, or if you have our service app Time To Pet, you will get a push notification on your phone. We try to be more ecological these days but for those clients who prefer a paper log instead of technology, we can accommodate that too. We also have a GPS tracking program in place which records a time and location stamp of the sitter per visit. This system allows us to ensure professionalism and accountability but also security and safety for our sitters.

Our team consists of 25+ staff members who we carefully select. We love working with mature animal lovers of all life stages who are passionate about working with animals long-term. 50% of our staff members are dead set on having a part-time or full-time career in pet care. To help them in their careers, KSR Pet Care offers decent wages as well as benefits. Over the years, sitters moved away, out of state or out of the country, but we are proud to say we also have several sitters who returned and started working for us again, because this is their passion.

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Meet the Owner

Karen Rosenberg is the owner and founder of KSR Pet Care. Karen is originally from Belgium, which is where she obtained a Master's degree in Germanic Languages (English and Dutch) at the Catholic University of Leuven, as well as a post-graduate degree in Business Administration. She now lives in McLean, VA, with her husband.

Karen has three furry kids. In 2013, Karen adopted Jiffie, a golden lab mix born in 2010, from Homeward Trails Animal Rescue. In early 2017, Cody, who looks like a puppy but was born in 2007, was adopted from Mutts Matter Rescue. Sam who is a golden retriever, came to Karen unexpectedly in 2021 when Sam's father who lived nearby suddenly died and next of kin could not care for Sam. After four nights at the shelter Twelve-year old Sam came to live with Karen and her family and is home again. Karen is pictured here with Cody and Jiffie.

Karen Rosenberg

She still misses her pets who went over the Rainbow Bridge – Luka, her first dog and Chowchow/Keeshond mix, left this earth in November 2015, her little Calico cat Sally died way too soon at age 8 in January 2014, Harry the Russian blue mix who was rescued from Lost dog and cat rescue died at the age of 14 in 2020 and last but not least, Lexie our beautiful petite German shepherd lost her life at 14 after a brave battle with ME in 2020. Our hearts are broken and shattered after losing each one of them but we hope to see them all again one day...

"One pet at a time, trying to make a difference." – K. Rosenberg, McLean, VA

KSR is the Rolls Royce of animal sitters. Their sitters are trained & loving and I would trust them with my animals always. — C. Winsor
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