Please take a look at our frequently asked questions. Still have questions? Feel free to give us a call.

How do I sign up as a new client?

First step is to register online. You create your account by answering some preliminary questions. Once we have received your answers, we will check with our team who is available to help with your request. This takes up to 48-72 hours. Behind the scenes we start looking for a primary and back-up dog walker or pet sitter for your household. 

Next step is that we approve and activate your account. You receive by email a link to open your account, update your username and password and create your profile, answer in detail several questions and add a profile per pet. The more you fill out, the more it saves you time at our in-person consultation and we get the best idea of your pet and know which sitter matches best. 

The third step is the consultation. A KSR Pet Care representative will get in touch with you by email or phone to coordinate a time to meet with you and the sitter(s). We do not provide service without consultation meetings. Before we meet we send you our policies, business license and business insurance policy for your review. All our staff and services are fully insured and bonded. 

How do I set up a consultation?

Before meeting with us, we need to know who to send. Therefore, please first register online where you create your account by answering several preliminary questions. With this information we will check with our team and see who is the best fit. Once we have team members who can help with your booking, we will approve and activate your account. This process could take 48-72 hours. 

Next you will receive by email a link to open your account, update your username and password, set-up your profile with house info and add a profile per pet. The more house, pet care and other details you fill out online, the more it saves time at our first meet and greet to focus on your pet(s). 

The next step is the consultation. A KSR Pet Care representative will get in touch with you by email or phone to coordinate a time to meet with you and your actual dog walker(s) /pet sitter(s). We do not provide service without an initial consultation meeting. First consultations are free. If you choose to begin service with us, there is a one-time sign up/admin fee.

How many keys do you need?

Since July 2023, we started going key-less and prefer working with a lockbox rather than picking up and safekeeping keys with our sitters or in our office. If you have a digital door lock or prefer us to enter with the garage with a keypad code, that works too but in that case, we need a back-up way of entry in case the power goes out or the battery in the pad has died. This could be a hidden key, fake rock, key with the concierge, or neighbor. If you live in a condo or neighborhood where a fob is needed, we need at least one fob to start service and we have a minimum visit requirement of 30 minutes. Learn more about key fob policies.

Will I know who comes to my house?

KSR Pet Care never sends an employee to a client house to take care of a pet they have never serviced before. New staff members always get an introduction:

  • If your regular sitter as well as your back-up sitter are unavailable, we will either let you interview a third sitter (additional consultation fee applies!), or
  • one of your current walkers/sitters can show the new sitter the ropes at one of the service dates during -what we call- a shadow visit.

You will receive by email an overview of all your service appointments and this overview also indicates who is coming to your house. The only KSR Pet Care representatives who are allowed to enter a client home without prior introduction are senior KSR Pet Care staff members.

Do I tip my dog walker/pet sitter?

KSR Pet Care provides services and tipping is allowed and very much appreciated. If you received excellent service from us, please leave out a tip for your dog walker or pet sitter inside a sealed envelope with their full name on it. If a check, please write the check to the attention of your actual sitter.

Our sitters can also be tipped through your invoice. Go to your online account in TTP, then go to Invoices, look up the invoice and add the tip. If there is no ADD Tip next to your invoice, it means you already tipped online or have signed up for Auto-Tipping. You can add a tip to a paid invoice as well as unpaid invoice.

NOTE: If you include your tip in the check to the company, the tip is not delivered to your actual dog walker or pet sitter: the money is taxable and no longer a gift.

What if my regular sitter is not able to do the service?

KSR Pet Care has a back-up-sitter program in place which means that we appoint a primary and back-up sitter to your pet. Both these sitters will be at the initial consultation if possible, so you can personally meet and interview them. If your regular (primary) sitter has an emergency, is ill or is prevented from doing a visit, the back-up sitter will automatically step in. If both sitters are unavailable and there is still time until service, we will ask a third sitter to step in. We will then either let you interview the third sitter (your choice; an addition consultation fee applies!), or one of your current sitters can show the third sitter the ropes at one of the service dates (this is a shadow visit; no extra charge). You will receive by email an overview of all your service appointments and this overview also indicates the names of the sitters coming to your house.

When do I pay for my service?

Service is due on the first day of service. AT KSR Pet Care we bill weekly and do transactions on Tuesdays. We accept credit cards, debit cards, ACH. KSR Pet Care tries to group payments to reduce costs on Tuesdays. You do not need to post a payment before due date: as long as your payment method in your account is correct and up-to-date you are all set and KSR Pet Care will pay the bill at the appropriate time.

We still accept checks by exception. Please contact our office for the mailing address. For payments by check-- If we fail to receive your payment after 10 days since due date and a one-time email reminder, a $25.00 penalty will automatically apply. Thank you for your understanding!

Are you insured and bonded?

We most definitely are. Our insurance covers your pet as well as your house in case something happens at our fault. Our bonding insurance protects you from any loss due to theft. For your peace of mind, all our sitters are thoroughly screened: an application process, 3-hour interview, and criminal background check. All our sitters are selected for their independence, maturity and experience in pet care.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes. Overall, you can cancel your service free of charge if you give us 24-hour notice. We do not refund but add a cancellation credit to your account. If you cancel same day or within 24 hours of service, the penalty is the value of that visit, which is a courtesy to your sitter who reserved her/his time for you.

There are exceptions to the 24-hour rule: 2-week notice for monthly service, Monday appointments need cancellation before closing of business on Friday, Holiday periods and extended pet sitting services. Learn more about our complete cancellation policy.

Why hire a professional pet sitter or dog walker at KSR Pet Care?

Professional pet sitters do more than just provide your pet with food and water while you are away. They also spend quality time with your pet, make efforts to learn more about specific behaviors, help with training if wanted, give him/her exercise, and know how to tell if your pet needs veterinary attention. They have common sense and longterm experience with pet care and pet behaviors although they are not vet techs, vets nor dog trainers. Their experience with pets and different breeds allows them to provide advice and tailored care. If it is a first time you are using a pet sitter, a professional service like KSR Pet Care can recommend a schedule that works for your pet in your absence. We get prepared and ask lots of relevant questions to make the experience for your pet comfortable and joyful. We also empathize and know how to approach and handle pets who have never been in the care of a stranger before. Learn more about hiring a professional pet sitter.

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