Why Choose a Professional Pet Sitter?

Quality Experience

Pet sitters do more than just provide your pet with food and water while you are away from home. They also spend quality time with your pet, make efforts to learn more about specific behaviors, help with training if wanted, give him/her exercise, and know how to tell if your pet needs veterinary attention. Their experience with pets and different breeds allows them to advise on and provide tailored care.

If it is a first time you are using a pet sitter, a professional service will be able to recommend what works and also knows how to handle pets who have never been in the care of a stranger before.​

Thorough & Prepared

Professionals also know which questions to ask to prepare you and the sitter – the obvious care you provide to your pet every day may be sometimes hard to paraphrase when someone else is taking over.

Pet sitters give your pet the space to adjust and are committed to bond on your pet’s terms in order to provide absolute comfort in your absence.

Pet sitters also bring in mail and newspapers, water indoor plants, turn lights on and off, and provide homes with a lived-in look to deter crime. A consultation in advance of service is crucial and therefore offered for free by some services.

Always There

Using a neighbor, relative, or friend may work once or twice but do you really want to impose on them every time? And what if they suddenly are not available? It is always good to have a relationship with a professional service who is always available.

Consider there’s a good chance that your friends or neighbors lack proper pet care experience and might even forget to show up. They may also not like frequent requests to look after your pet, but feel uncomfortable letting you know.

The Professional Solution

So what is the solution? Hire a professional pet sitter or dog walker who is insured and bonded. There is a price for quality care, but it gives you peace of mind when you are gone and your pet is in experienced hands.

Your pet benefits from:

  • the environment he/she knows best
  • same diet and routine
  • relief from staying in an unfamiliar place
  • no exposure to illnesses and stay travel trauma free

You benefit from:

  • happier friends and neighbors who do not get the heavy responsibility to care for your pet each time you are leaving town or are at work
  • peace of mind knowing that your pet is being cared for by a professional
  • someone to bring in your newspaper, mail, trash and recycling, so potential burglars don’t know you’re away
  • And much, much more…

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