Fireworks/4th of July

Tips during fireworks for both cats and dogs:

  • Please leave your pet at home when viewing the Fireworks. They do not understand what is going on and the sound may scare them. Worst of all, if they happen to get loose, it may be difficult to find them in all of the commotion.
  • If you are using fireworks in your backyard, make sure you keep your pets inside and away from fire or the immediate sound effect.
  • If you know your dog is scared of Thunderstorms, they may very well be scared of fireworks.
  • What may help is a quiet dark inner room or covered crate, classical music, blinds/curtains closed. Do not hold your pet to console while he/she is shivering with fear: it enhances the anxiety, worsens the feeling since your pet senses your concern and picks up on that. Let your pet retreat in a quiet place and try and eliminate the outdoor sounds as much as possible.

Consider the ThunderShirt

If your dog is fearful during fireworks or thunder storms, or if your dog reacts badly to loud noises when out on the walk, consider the ThunderShirt. Many find it hard to believe that simply putting a shirt on your dog can create a calming effect comparable to veterinary medications and supplements- but surveys from over two thousand customers maintain that this solution notably improves an animal's condition for more than 80% of pets. This figure is affirmed by pet training professionals and veterinary experts that advocate its use.

These experts believe that it's the pressure applied by the shirt that works to calm the pets. Pressure has been used to calm animals and people for years, from swaddling infants to help them sleep to treating autism with "pressure vests." Prior to the ThunderShirt's prominence in the market, trainers were known to wrap ACE bandages around pets to achieve the same calming effect.

Dogs in Thundershirts


The ThunderShirt is available in six different sizes to provide a snug fit and to apply an effective degree of pressure for dogs of all sizes. The shirt is also adjustable with three flaps and two chest straps to further ensure its versatility.

One of the best things about the ThunderShirt is that it can be used safely in conjunction with other calming methods. Other calming methods are:

  • Calming treats
  • Diffusers
  • Food supplements

Always discuss with your vet first before using any of the above methods.

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