Thanksgiving Pet Tips

As you gather around the table this Thanksgiving and give thanks for good food with family and friends, don't forget the furry members of the family. Here are numerous do’s and don’ts for Thanksgiving pet safety:

  • Don’t give your pets any cooked turkey bones or carcasses. Be sure to wrap them up well and secured away from where dogs can find them. If you do give them a piece of turkey, ensure that it’s well cooked, no skin, and boneless. Keep your eye on the dog as entire turkeys have been known to disappear. Cooked turkey bones are sharp, potentially dangerous, and can be lodged in their digestive system for days.
  • Don’t feed your pets stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy, rich mashed potatoes. Stuffing and other foods may have herbs, spices, onions, raisins & grapes which are toxic to dogs.
  • Do keep your eye on packaging. Ensure you dispose of any turkey or other food packaging quickly and appropriately. All strings, plastic holders and bags that have a meat smell can be very attractive to a pet. Once ingested, these items can cause damage or blockage of the intestines.
  • Do stuff a Kong with kibble, dog treats or add a few nibbles of cooked turkey and vegetables. Yum.
  • Do guard the bread machine or if dough is rising on the counter, remove to safer ground. When raw bread dough is ingested, the animal’s body heat causes the dough to rise in his stomach where it expands. The dog max experience bloating and abdominal pain and require emergency surgery.
  • Don’t leave beer, wine, and spirits within reach. Move liquid refreshments to higher ground. Dogs can become quite ill, go into a coma or die.
  • Do beware of decorations and centerpieces, particularly some plants, flowers, pine cones, and needles. The latter may cause intestinal blockage.
  • Do beware of chocolate candy (toxic to dogs), candy and baked goods made with Xylitol, and rich desserts which will cause stomach upsets.
  • Do exercise your dog a little harder on Thanksgiving. A tired dog is a good dog especially during dinner time. Or hire your KSR for extra walks or playtime!
  • Don’t make your pet be something he or she is not. If the pet is people shy or doesn’t like to be around small children, put the animal in a crate or in another room. Some dogs love attention and be with lots of people; others prefer solitude and get overexcited or nervous when there are other people inside your home.
  • Do make sure that your dog is secure and cannot dart outside. Pets should always wear tags with current info and be micro-chipped.

Source: ASPCA 

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